Fitness and Wellbeing Day Retreat

2nd April 2019

You’re invited to start your day with a Warm Nicky Fuller Welcome before you sit and set your intentions for the day. Having a goal and focus in minds eye will support you in achieving your desired positive outcome for the day.

Here is the line-up from Nicky about your special day with her:


I want you to learn how you can make every workout count get the most positive results from you training, and how you can use Fitness to create a positive mindset.


Let’s get the party started…!! Just when you thought you couldn’t give anymore in comes spin and shows you how you can. I shall pump up the music and guide you through an explosive indoor cycling spin session.Taking your Cardio Fitness to the next level. During this class I will also teach you the art of positive language to stop your brain from telling you you are not capable.


Strong Core Strong Body. Pilates is about focusing on your core and natural strength, Improving and increasing your flexibility whilst learning to breathe through Movement to create a better connect between Mind Body so you can tune in to what your body is saying. This will also help to relax you down before we break for lunch and move into an afternoon of Wellbeing.


A gentle 5 minute stroll will have you chilling, relaxing and taking in the wonderful views of the New Forest. A great place to eat lunch and gain peace and quiet.

You can take a stroll around the beautiful 9 acre gardens of Passford House Hotel which over looks the beautiful New Forest. Passford House also has a great menu so if you wish you can pop next door and indulge in some yummy refuelling foods. It’s a 30 second walk at most.

And if you so desire in this time you can also explore and have lunch in Lymington Town which is a 7 minute drive away. It will also be market day so there will be lots to see and do if you wish to venture into town.


We start the afternoon with a walk into the New Forest where we will spend time taking in the peace and quiet and positive energies of the New Forest.

I will teach you the art of quietening down the Monkey Chatter in your Mind and show you how you can gain the most out of your time in Nature.


“I can not explain it to you. However I can show you through Movement and help you to feel better”

Elemental Movement promotes.

Mobility, Flexibility, Natural Strength, Natural Tone, and Relaxation. Elemental Movement encourages the body to release aches, pains, stiffness, tension and stresses of daily life by opening up the body to all the plains of Movement it was designed to create.


This is exactly what it says on the tin. We shall take time to breathe, stretch away the day whilst relaxing into some Theta Meditation. Here you will learn how to meditate, what techniques can support you in relaxing your mind and body and how taking time to create balance can bring a sense Wellbeing.

I am excited to meet you and share tis special day with you.



Click the link to book your space or alternatively you can email me on

Spaces are limited to so be sure to act upon your intentions.

Once you have booked your space you will receive further details of the day. Please be sure to check your junk box too…! 🙂 x

Many blessings


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