7 Reasons to Start Piloxing

20th December 2017

Nowadays it seems as though Pilates can be fused with any type of class – spin, HIIT, yoga and now boxing. However this craze from LA is making quite an impact by giving class regulars great results.

Piloxing® is a high-energy, fast-paced fusion of boxing, standing Pilates and dance. What’s not to love and reportedly it’s guaranteed to make you sweat and burn up to 900 calories per workout – yes please!

Here are 7 top reasons to give it a go!

  1. It’s Fun
    There is definitely something for everyone – whether you love the dynamic punches of a boxing workout, or choose to gracefully control your movements or you like to get funky then it’s all there. The workout brings each of these elements together to give you an awesome workout.
  2. It’s Effective
    During the class you can wear a pair of small gloves – weighing 0.5lb on each hand – helping you to improve technique, positioning, it will raise your heart rate and help to tone-up your arms.
  3. Great for your Core
    All exercises in Piloxing® engage your core: punches, pliés and dance moves, you perform all with your abs engaged. Many of the exercises improve your stability and balance and you will definitely leave feeling you have a stronger core.
  4. Go Barefoot
    Piloxing® is a barefoot workout – making all the little muscles in your feet work. This helps you to engage your core even more and improves your balance. Posture improvement and correct body alignment are added pluses.
  5. Great Music
    Piloxing® music is performed to the latest uplifting beats – heart pumping and exhilarating!
  6. Awesome Abs
    Depending on the length of class Piloxing® typically has around 10 minutes of floor work for glutes and abs.
  7. Feel Good Factor!
    Leave feeling that you’ve accomplished a great workout – the after workout feeling is unbeatable!

Enjoy Piloxing® at Shape Up Fitness every Monday evening at 5.30pm and Friday morning at 9.20am with Helen

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