Why choose us

Because we love what we do! We pride ourselves on building rapport and we’re big on interaction! We want you to know that we’re here to help you get the most out of your time making it a success each and every time. Your experience is so important to us – after all it’s about you.

We don’t make you sign up to a lengthy unrealistic membership. We hope that you’ll really enjoy your experience with us and that you will want to come back on your own terms. That’s why you will be working out with a highly engaged fitness trainer – we know how to motivate, support and drive you forward within your fitness class or personal training session. This is very different to the traditional gym experience where the user is typically left to their own devices.

You may arrive on your own, but you will soon feel part of a ‘team’ – you don’t have to be an elite athlete, nor of a particular age or build – our experience is for all abilities, and is all-inclusive. The vibe is of the moment – it is fun and motivating – everyone is greeted by name. You are encouraged when you arrive and congratulated on leaving. The feeling of accomplishment is the reward that our experience delivers.

The Facilities

Group Fitness Studio, Indoor Cycling Studio, Gym Circuit, Indoor Swimming Pool, Changing and Shower Facilities, Outdoor Swimming Pool (seasonal), Licensed Bars and Restaurant - all fitness wear friendly, Free Car Parking

Group Fitness Classes

At the very core of the Shape Up offering, are a targeted variety of classes, from Spin to Body Conditioning, to Mind/Body classes, to name a few, each giving signature workouts led by a highly motivated trainer.

Our Motivation is You

Finding exercise you like and adhere to is half the battle – we know exercise is not necessarily enjoyable nor are people always motivated to go to the gym. It takes discipline to keep it consistent, and unfortunately many people get bored of the gym and stop - but it's our aim to keep you motivated!

One-to-one and Online Coaching

Benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions or opt to engage with our online coaching service. With either option you will focus on one thing – you and your results.

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Hello from Annabel

Hey, I’m Annabel, I am a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and fitness coach, dedicated to getting your mind, body and soul in great Shape! I love seeing my clients feel better about their fitness, health and overall wellness. My goal is to inspire people to enthuse about exercising regularly and I always aim to deliver great workouts for people who enjoy my style of exercise.

I joined the fitness industry years ago and I’ve been passionate about well-being, optimum health, the importance of nutrition, exercise psychology and making your body move and be more active ever since.

Today, I run Shape Up Fitness an independent Lymington-based fitness classes, personal training and online coaching service. Having taught 1000’s of fitness classes and trained 100’s of clients throughout my career I really wanted to personalise what I do under my own identity and find similarly minded trainers that have the same work ethic to join me and that’s what we do.

I specialise in resistance training for women over the age of 30 that are looking for fat loss and or a stronger more toned body and those that are looking to get a little bit of order back into their busy lives! I support happier and healthier attitudes to life through exercise/nutrition and coaching and I can help with re-balancing your mindset.

To see someone realise their potential and then go on to achieve and accomplish realistic results is what it’s all about for me. I love teaching group fitness classes and on a one-to-one basis, I specialise in combining a personal coaching service to address your motivation and then work to pinpoint what the best course of action will be for you to achieve your realistic health and exercise goals.

Shape Up Fitness is based at the stunning Passford House Hotel, Mount Pleasant Lane in Lymington. We all enjoy the use of the fabulous leisure centre and gorgeous hotel grounds that extend over 10 acres of beautiful gardens and lakes, tennis court, indoor swimming pool and a helicopter pad! During the warmer months we will often find a secluded area of the garden and take the class outdoors – it’s wonderful. All shape up members, class pass members and personal training clients enjoy complimentary use of all the health club facilities including the indoor swimming pool, the gym including the spinning bikes and all changing facilities for 365 days of the year! Opening hours for general use 7.30am-9pm.

The environment is so welcoming and if you want to relax and enjoy the gardens after your workout or in the colder months simply sit by the open log fire then you are most welcome. There is a delicious ‘lite bites’ menu to enjoy – however there is always a well-deserved croissant and coffee too! Parking is a breeze as there are tons of free spaces and it’s only a 5 minute drive from Lymington town centre. However, if you are not local or you happen to be a gym member elsewhere but need some guidance or inspiration then take us with you by subscribing to one of our PRO Online Coaching services – packed with incredibly motivating workout plans, nutrition plans and much more!

Make it happen! See you soon Annabel – Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Online Coach

Hello, I'm Sean Glynn, a personal trainer and spin instructor, dedicated to getting people in great shape and improving their cardio fitness. Join me on a Saturday morning for a heart pumping - adrenaline racing spin. It's an early start at 8am but it sets you up for a great weekend.
Sean Glynn
Sean GlynnTrainer