January Blues – Keep It Real

7th January 2018

We’ve all just enjoyed and possibly over-indulged this Christmas and New Year! It’s a wonderful time to relax, spend time with loved ones and enjoy yourself so it’s to be expected that now clothing might be feeling a bit too tight for comfort! I know that I’m going to enjoy wearing a slightly baggier t-shirt to workout in over the next few weeks! If that’s you too, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s been shown that you’re likely to put on roughly 5 to 7 pounds over the winter months and festive period.

At this time of year it’s very easy to pile on a few pounds…

1 Christmas & New Year celebrations! It’s a time to be merry and lots of enjoyable overindulgences happen. (calorie intake soars).

2 The weather – it’s a tad chilly! Nobody really wants to get off the couch and get their trainers on when it’s freezing outside! (your activity decreases)

3 Colder weather means we might turn to heartier meals and more comfort food – yummy roasts etc! (calorie dense food increases).

4 Shorter days – makes it less easy to go outside before it gets dark or less appealing to get to class. However curling up under the covers and watching the latest box set every night won’t help your fitness and health. (your activity decreases)

There’s the pattern – calories increase and activity decreases and so the obvious happens! With this in mind we know what to do – increase your activity and eat a balanced and healthy nutrition plan reducing out of control calorific intake!

Keep it simple and try to avoid the bombardment of the million and one promotions selling the latest quick fixes – drop a dress in 24 hours and more.

It’s a tad overwhelming and attractive because who wouldn’t want a quick fix especially when you are not feeling your greatest BUT before you fork out (excuse the pun) let’s get real. Guys there are no quick fixes – none that last and that can be maintained. Keep a handle on the two most simple and important things – when you eat a balanced nutrition plan and exercise regularly you will get results – sustainable life-long results. So accept what has been a great festive time and now give yourself the best start to 2018.

If you’re looking for a motivating way to release some of those extra “winter pounds,” we can help you! Check out our schedule packed with numerous classes, and then why not complement your workouts with swimming and relaxation to de-stress. No quick fixes here but we do believe in a more long-term healthy approach to getting the best out your health and fitness.

If you would like more advice and guidance about exercise and nutrition and you would like an achievable plan to work with then we can help you with our new Online Coaching service. We can support you to keep you on track throughout the day from the comfort of your own home or if you have a busy schedule take us with you!

If you want to dedicate a minimum of 6 weeks (ideally 12) to really enhancing your fitness and health with online coaching take a look at our 2 online services: PRO online coaching (self-service) and PRO PLUS online coaching (with a dedicated coach) to find out more click here: https://www.shapeupfitness.com/personal-training/online-coaching/

Remember there are NO quick fixes but a sensible balanced and achievable approach that will make a huge difference to your short and long-term health.

Get in touch for more details annabel@shapeupfitness.com

Annabel x




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