New booking system making life easier!

25th September 2019

Our new booking system called Gymcatch is here – to make booking and managing your fitness schedule with us easier than ever.

You can now:
Find, book and pay for classes and packages on iOS, Android or web.
Sync bookings straight to your personal calendar.
Optionally build a network to see what sessions your friends are going to and join them with a tap.
Be rewarded for your hard work with offers from great brands.

Just click the link below to download the app or book on the web (and ensure you scroll down the page a bit to find the right app for you and select it). Simply register, search for Shape Up Fitness and book away in as few as 3 taps or clicks!

Once you have registered and click the ‘follow’ button.

Few help points:
When you search for Shape Up Fitness – please enter the words as shown with spaces between.

When registering the system may ask you to fill in your details including emergency contact and also take you through our Health Assurance Statement.

You MUST register as this a brand new system and it doesn’t know you yet and won’t recognise you if you try to Login before registering.

Click here to get going

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