Online PRO Services

Making life easier with online training and coaching. Our online services keep you on track if you are travelling, can’t make it in person, working away, busy with children – the list goes on and on. Tailor adapt your plan to your suit circumstances. Alternatively you may have a holiday or special occasion on the horizon and you want to be in great shape. Our plans and support can get you feeling fantastic in as little as 6 weeks.

For many time is short and building an exercise routine that you can commit to can be tricky. Our online training and coaching gives much scope – providing a service that can fit into your lifestyle. Both services can be used anywhere – whether you are the other side of the world or simply training at a gym elsewhere.

We offer 2 online services:

  • Online Coaching PRO (self-service)

You have unlimited online access to all our online coaching services listed on the right. The online nutrition planning and online shape up community is really motivating and it’s there to keep you focused on your true potential and for you to succeed.

When selecting your online coaching PRO which is self-service we recommend a non-compulsory initial 30minutes consultation £20 with one of our coaches to discuss your goals if you need support with how to make the most of your online package. During this session you’ll be set up to successfully use your online services, so that you understand how to use it to your advantage so that it becomes a brilliant and simple indicator of your new and improved lifestyle.

Online Training packages: 6 weeks £20, 8 weeks £30 or 12 weeks £40 OR annual access for £130

  • Online Coaching PRO  PLUS (dedicated online coach)

You have unlimited online access to our online coaching services as listed on the right however rather than working independently we assign you with an online coach whom will conduct an initial 30minutes consultation with you either on the phone or via email. Your coach will guide you to complete certain sections of your online profile. Your coach will then create a personalised online training plan for you. They will track your progress and conduct a weekly check-in and email to discuss your progress including your activity and food diary. Additionally you will receive nutrition and meal planning guidance and support.

Online Coaching packages: 6 weeks £60, 8 weeks £80 or 12 weeks £120

 Online PRO Services – What is included:

Nutrition plans: Based on your biometric data, lifestyle and your personal goal, a tailor-made nutrition plan will be created.

Food Diary: Use the food diary daily to track what you have been eating and drinking and see if you’re on track.

Food App: Use our Food App (For iPhone or Android) to log your food on the go. The app syncs with your online profile so just continue to follow the same nutrition plan and the products you track will show up on your online profile too.


Workout plans: Bored of your gym workout, you’re a member elsewhere but you need some motivation or maybe you are off travelling. Simply select a plan suiting your personal goals, equipment available and your fitness level. Add it to your activity plan and job done. Use the Wizard for step-by-step help.

Activity Calendar: Log your activities and workouts here and automatically keep track of your progress, calories burned and fitness points earned


Community: Explore our friendly community and meet other members to follow and support.

Challenges: Set personal goals and create group challenges to boost your motivation, increase the chance of reaching your goals and earn virtual rewards.

Devices: Logs all activities in synch with your fitness device.

Body Metrics: Log a wide variety of your body metrics, such as weight, body fat and waist size. Click on a value to show detailed graphs over time to see your progress.

With either the self-service or dedicated online coaching service you can log your activity, watch your progress and see your results and it’s all there at your finger tips. If you own a fitness tracking device such as a Fitbit we recommend that you synch it to your account. This is extremely simple to do and so satisfying to see – ensuring that you won’t miss out on any activity performed giving you an truly accurate reflection of your lifestyle.