Shape Up Fitness collects email addresses and certain other Personal Information to contact you about classes, events and occasions and other informations that might be of interest to you. You can review, amend or ask to have this information deleted by emailing Your Personal Information will not be passed onto any third parties. We will do our upmost to keep your email address private and will only use your email address to send you information about Shape Up Fitness.


Here is what we know about you if you filled out a website enquiry, made a purchase of our services, booked online or you filled in a contact form:

Your  personal  details  including  name,  address,  email,  telephone  numbers,  date of birth.

This  is  how  we  use  your  information and where  your information is kept:

  • Our online booking system ‘Gymcatch’ stores a limited  amount  of  personal  data  in  cloud  storage  using  their  secure  servers. This  data  includes your name, address, email, phone  numbers, date of birth, online booking history including sessions booked and future bookings. It may prove to be necessary to make a private file note regarding any medical implications that we need to be cautious of with regards to your exercise performance so that we can ensure that we prescribe suitable and safe exercise.
  • Shape Up Fitness DO NOT store any card details. Our online booking service is a secure facility that is completely separate and as such no data is electronically stored or ever sent over the internet.
  • We do not use any third parties except: [Mailchimp for email / Gymcatch for online booking /Stripe for secure online payments].
  • We  do  not  share  or  sell  your  information  to  third  parties.
  • Shape Up Fitness team: All team members are bound by an agreement to abide by all data protection legislation and have no right of access to your details other than for work.

We  do  not  send  spam.

From  time  to  time  we  will  send  a  marketing  email  with  new  classes and services, special  offers  or  discounts  that  may  be  of  interest  to  you.

If  you  no  longer  wish  to  be  contacted  by  us,  no  problem,  here  is  how  you  can  disconnect  from Shape Up Fitness:

Email with your full name and request to be removed from our database. We will delete our electronic  files, destroy any paper files and remove you from our mailing list.